Netting Solutions

About Us


Netting Now is owned and operated by netting specialists who work exclusively to design and deliver netting based solutions tackling both the conventional and the unconventional project.

We promptly deliver products nationwide to deal with debris containment and safety issues.  Netting Now offers first class technical assistance guaranteeing best practice assembly methods.  When required, a complete system installation is provided using experienced netting personnel.

Superior fit and reliable function convey the quality characteristics of our varied achievements. All-inclusive drawings and professional engineering services are always available if needed. At Netting Now we welcome new challenges and take pleasure in posing innovative solutions.

Business Focus

Netting now designs and delivers net based products typically used to protect people and property. Utilizing modern fabric cordage, wire meshes or high-tech webbing, our product solutions are not only diverse but intended to meet growing safety demands.

Environmentally Friendly products are a high priority at Netting Now. We’ve worked to develop products that can replace the pervasive plastic wrap throwaways with safer, more durable, reusable products. High quality materials are always an essential ingredient with all products we deliver. Creating a safer and more secure condition through the use of netting is our purposeful focus.

Mission Statement

Netting Now was established to provide quality Built-To-Order netting solutions directed at the Industrial and Construction trade markets.  Personnel safety and property protection systems are our fundamental objectives.  By offering design and plan drawings, site safety consulting as well as professional engineering services, Netting Now will be branded as an all-inclusive sole source.