Netting Now has created an Eco-Friendly Pallet Cargo control system that will quickly secure most cargo to molded plastic or metal shipping pallets, eliminating or greatly reducing the danger of transport spills.

Pallet loads experience lateral force from quick starts, quick stops and hard cornering, creating danger to both people and property. Routinely, all pallet loads require a speedy method to secure the cargo to reduce risk of a shift or drop when being moved.

loadLOCK was designed for a fast connection and quick removal. Our exclusive Cargo Control System is available as either fixed or adjustable sizes to meet your job aspects. Unlike conventional clear-wraps, our loadLOCK system utilizes breathable mesh to prevent water vapor problems.

User Advantages Include:

  • Locked Payload – Safe Transportation
  • Permeability insures air flow to cargo
  • Eco-Friendly – Reusable & Returnable
  • High Value Freight – Superior Stability

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