Netting Now supplies specialized containment nets to check Spalling Concrete or Spalling Brick.

Wherever concrete exhibits chipping, flaking, or scaling damage along its surface, a danger exists for both people and property. Similarly, when bricks are regularly exposed to water which can freeze and thaw repeatedly, it will cause the brick to fall apart producing loose chips and flakes.

spallSTOP debris containment netting panels provide a secure and easy method to assemble a temporary shield against spalling debris until a permanent repair can be made.

Our job-specific debris panels are available in a range of mesh compositions & strengths. Contact us to discuss and assess your project. We provide on-site appraisals and complete installation services nationwide.

Popular Applications Include:

  • Bridge Supports & Tunnels
  • Ceiling & Roof Containment
  • Facade Restraint or Fortification
  • Parking Garages & Entryways
  • Landmark Buiolding Restoration
  • Walkway Overhead Protection

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