Netting Now offers specialized platform nets designed for work at heights inaccessible by either scaffolding or construction lifts.

Working platform nets were created to provide a comfortable walking surface with greater freedom of movement though still ensuring a safe place to work. Thorough installation parameters have been created by way of engineering to insure the selected net performance paired with attachment method creates the safest platform netting workplace.

As with any occupational health and safety fall protection system, our team encourages a complete project specific design and implementation strategy.

Prevailing Applications:

  • Outdoor Sports Stadiums
  • Indoor Event Coliseums
  • Domes & Atriums
  • Transporation Terminals

If you are in need of additional safety for your employees, please contact Netting Now and allow us to explore the possibilities for your walkWORKS application.

We will take the time and deliver you a custom solution that will change the way you look at safety.

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